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An image of a vintage computer from our collection.

An image of a vintage computer from our collection.

Website terms of use

An image of a vintage computer from our collection.

This page contains information about external links, accessibility and copyright.

External links

Pages on the National Museums Scotland website include links to relevant content within and also to external sites.

External links are selected and reviewed when the page is published. However, National Museums Scotland is not responsible for the content, accessibility or privacy policies of external websites. The inclusion of a link to an external website from our website is not an endorsement of that website or the site's owners (or their products/services).


For detailed information on the accessibility of our websites visit Website Accessibility.

Copyright notice

The National Museums of Scotland is committed to protecting copyright and related rights wherever possible.

All images and other content on are copyright National Museums Scotland, unless otherwise stated. Where images and other content have copyright belonging to other individuals or organisations, this is clearly stated on our website.

You may freely access and store most of the Websites’ contents on a temporary basis for the purposes of personal or private viewing, interaction or listening.

For all other uses, please contact the National Museums Scotland Image Library.

Takedown policy

National Museums Scotland has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that images and other content on the website are reproduced with consent of their copyright holders.

Please contact us at if you are the owner of the copyright or related rights in any of the content on the Museum’s website, or in a publication or broadcast to which the Museum has provided content from its collections,

  • and you believe that the content may be subject to a third party ownership or another legal claim,
  • or you believe that use of this content infringes your intellectual property or any other rights.

The Museum will take down the content from its website upon receipt of your written objection and our initial verification of your complaint, while the matter is investigated.

You need to include the following information in your written objection:

  • Your name, email address and phone number
  • The website address where you found the work
  • The nature of the complaint
  • A statement that you are the copyright holder or are authorised to act on behalf of the rights holder. You may be asked to provide proof of this ownership that would stand up in a court of law

Your objection will be acknowledged within seven working days of receipt. The information you provide in your written objection will be used only in connection with this enquiry.

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