4th South African Infantry (South African Scottish), France, 1918 © Ditsong National Museum of Military History

National Museum of Scotland

Common Cause
Commonwealth Scots and the Great War

11 Jul - 12 Oct 2014
Explore the stories of the Scottish diaspora and the war experiences of Commonwealth nations during the First World War.
Mountain bike riding at Wheels and Wings

National Museum of Flight

The Wheels and Wings Show

21 Sep 2014
Join us for a thrilling display from the White Helmets motorcycle display team, see classic cars and vintage vehicles.
Detail from Bayi Minyjirral 2013 © Danie Mellor (1)

National Museum of Scotland


1 Aug - 23 Nov 2014
An intriguing exhibition devised by acclaimed contemporary Australian artist Danie Mellor.
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    May Morris embroideries

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    Schools programme

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    Next of Kin

    Discover the profound personal stories of Scottish families and communities as their loved ones fought abroad in the First World War.
  • Tyneside Scottish Battalion recruitment poster courtesy of the Fusiliers Museum Northumberland

    Evening Lecture: The First World War - 100 years on

    Academic, writer and broadcaster Professor Sir Hew Strachan analyses how the fundamental transformation in how wars are fought has influenced how we commemorate conflict.
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