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Caring for entomology collections

Learn the essentials of caring for entomology (insect) collections.

Learn the essentials of caring for entomology (insect) collections.  

In these resources you will: 

  • Learn about the types of entomological material likely to be found in museum collections 
  • Develop knowledge of basic good practice in curating and managing entomological material 
  • Find out where to go for further information and advice. 

This training is for people caring for entomology collections in museums. 

Level: Beginner 

Length: 1 to 2 hours  

How to complete the training: Follow the sections below in order, watch the videos and explore the additional resources

A tray of bumblebee specimens mounted in a white drawer.

Section 1: Why do museums collect insects?

Find out about why we collect insects, and what they’re used for.

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Hand holds a small box of beetles.

Section 2: Preservation and storage methods

Learn about preservation and storage methods, environmental control, packing specimens for loans, and how to move entomology collections.

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A specimen of a large winged moth lies flat.

Section 3: Identifying pests and managing infestations

Discover how to identify pests, and manage infestations.

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Fingers hold a pin which sits through a green beetle.

Section 4: Specimen preparation and conservation

Discover how to prepare and conserve specimens.

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Examining Archives

Section 5: Collections data

Find out how data around entomology collections is used.

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Watch our series

Need a quick refresher? Watch just some of the things we cover in this resource via our YouTube Channel.

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