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Inspired: Films by HND Television students from Edinburgh College

Students in their second year of HND Television at Edinburgh College Milton Road campus were given a brief to create three-minute videos in response to an artefact or display at National Museums Scotland.

The videos should contain factual content, but the students could choose how they approached the subject. They had to go beyond the information presented in the display itself. For some this meant researching the scientific or commercial application of an object of exhibit. Others looked at the social or cultural relevance or explored human experiences inspired by topics covered in the galleries. Others still became fascinated by how and why certain items become part of a museum’s collection, their origin, significance or meaning. Their target audience was their peer group: young people who might not be regular visitors to the museums.

Students and staff at Edinburgh College would like to thank National Museums Scotland for all their help and support in making this project happen. In particular: Christine McLean and Laura Bennison from the Community Engagement Team; Elaine Macintyre from the Digital Media Team, and Mark Glancy, Library Services Manager.

Kevin Laverty-Glover

"To film a project with National Museums Scotland was the perfect opportunity to be completely experimental. Realising that, I created a story involving a child being inspired to become an astronaut after visiting the museum's Earth in Space exhibit. In addition to scenes shot on location, I incorporated extensive practical and digital VFX work to bring to life the future astronaut's view of Earth and outer space. The end result, I hope offers an immersive and inspiring concept for young visitors to the exhibit."

Lewis Clark

"The Museum has such a large variety of exhibits that choosing something to focus on was very difficult. Having finally decided to make my documentary about Virtual Reality (V.R.) I started getting in touch with local V.R. companies. My original aim was to make a documentary about V.R. and its uses in museums. That was until I met Billy Agnew, the founder of Viarama. He and his company have found an even more incredible use for Virtual Reality."

Samuel Lopez

What is time? Can we measure it? Can we control it?

According to Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, yes, we can control time. Sounds like science fiction and perhaps today seems impossible, although perhaps in the future we can change the way that time passes and take advantage of it.

This is a poetic documentary directed by Samuel Lopez that explains to us some facts about the time and Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.

Francesco Rossini

We all experience life differently and we treasure different objects and memories. When it comes to social and cultural life, Francesco reflected on what a difficult task it is for museums to select objects that have a collective significance, especially when they are dealing with the recent past.

Angus Trinder

"Hailing from the Cairngorm National Park and living very close to the Highland Wildlife Park, I have always been fascinated by wolves. We used to visit lots when we were younger and with school. After my first visit to the National Museum of Scotland and seeing the diorama, I knew exactly what I was going to base my documentary on. The re-wilding of wolves is a very important topic and something that should be discussed by the whole country. I hope that through my documentary people can choose their own stance on the matter from an unbiased viewpoint."

Robyn Thornton

Our concept of time is very personal and varies depending on our own age, on what we’re doing or how we remember. Robyn’s is a very personal video which explores the impact of loss and grief on her grandmother and her concept of time and the time she had with her husband.

Maëlle Gonzalez

Have you ever wondered what Buddhism is exactly? Meet Favian, Kathleen and Neil from Portobello Buddhist Priory as they explain in this short documentary what Soto Zen Buddhism is, where it comes from and how it got to Edinburgh.

Max Cunyngham-Brown

"The National Museums have so much to offer that it was very difficult narrowing down my choice of topic for the documentary. But when I came across the Energise exhibit I found it particularly interesting and felt like it had a lot to offer from a documentary standpoint.

"Most of us hear modern terms like 'wave energy' being tossed around but we don’t actually know how it works or why it’s so important for our future. Well, I took this as an opportunity to learn about it myself and put that into film to help educate others. With groundbreaking research into the field taking place right here in Edinburgh, wave energy seemed like an ideal choice."

Ryan Mann

Fascinated by the many moving parts, the materials and figures on the Millennium Clock Tower, Ryan set out to get a closer look and find out what in Scotland’s history inspired the different elements and what they symbolise.

Lewis Whitelaw

Aimed at younger visitors, this presenter-led documentary gives an insight into some fun facts about Animals of Africa.

Paul Davidson

Electric cars are the future. For one luxury hire-car company they seemed the obvious choice for discerning customers.

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