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2021 09 03 NH 016

Marketing Campaigns team

Scotland 365 delivered a wide range of activities, some of which were co-designed with young people. The project activities were designed to reach young people from each of four groups identified in the research (culture, connection, entertainment and inspiration seekers).

By listening to the voices of young people we recognised the need to recruit a national youth engagement team to develop a relevant programme of work and test a range of different engagement methods.   

Working with one of our consortium partners, Young Scot, a team of dedicated young people signed up as volunteers and took on the task of exploring the needs of their peers by producing ideas and prototypes. 

Featured below is the Marketing Campaign project which was delivered by the young volunteers.

An illustration of the Marketing campaigns team's prototype process.

Marketing Campaigns team project

How Might We...

promote what the museum offer(s) to *Inspiration Seekers so that they see National Museums Scotland as a place for them?

Inspiration Seekers are...

*Young people who are not currently motivated to visit museums/heritage sites now or in the future.

Thanks to our young people

Charlie, Colin, Eireann, and Ivy.


During this phase of the project, the focal point started to take shape. It was decided to develop a campaign to enhance and expose the variety of opportunities already on offer at the museum, which would allow for a focus on the marketing campaign itself and remove the need to rely on other events or activities. 

It was agreed that adding the expertise from an external marketing agency was essential to work towards a final output. The young people co-wrote a brief to be shared with the agency outlining the project aims and continued to work closely with the agency for the rest of the project, taking part in fortnightly meetings to work on campaign development and refinement.

Because of Scotland 365… I have had a chance to work directly with professionals in the field.


From sustained engagement with the marketing agency, the young people, in their role as ‘clients’, were able to communicate their vision and offer a continuous feedback loop. Three final concept ideas were pitched by the agency to the young people, based on the young people’s ideas and learnings from the process. 

The top priorities for the campaign were around capturing audience attention instantaneously, and ensuring there was an interactive element to draw people in.

Weekly meetings took place between the young clients and creative agency Bright Signals.


The key motivation behind the chosen concept is to help young people to understand themselves and the world better through key exhibits and objects on display. ‘Find Your Thing’ encourages young people to visit the museum to discover stories from history that resonate with them, thereby creating an emotional and meaningful connection with their lives. 

The concept relies on social and cultural themes to promote the concept visually, ie, sustainability, gender identity and feminism.

The chosen promotion creatives included a series of visually striking posters which capture attention alongside a film featuring young people on their journey through the streets of Edinburgh towards the museum.


Throughout the process, the young people developed their knowledge and skills, honing insights and establishing an understanding of the wider context their project sits within. Through engagements with internal staff, external organisations and wider groups of young people insights have been strengthened to represent a range of views and needs. 

With this, the Marketing Campaigns team highlight some key reflections and priorities related to their project aim to consider moving forward.

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