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The Collections Services department manages and cares for our collections.

Head of Collections Services

Chanté St Clair Inglis

Responsible for the department and the Museums' policy on collections management, care and conservation.

Collections Information

Lead strategic projects to standardise and share our collection data.

  • Pam Babes: Collections Information Manager
  • Angus Kneale: Collections Information Systems Manager
  • Jo Thomson: Collections Information Officer
  • Hannah Norfolk: Collections Information Officer
  • Katherine Mercer: Collections Information Assistant


Photograph our collections for record, conservation and publication purposes.

  • Neil McLean: Lead Photographer
  • Amy Fokinther: Photographer

Collections Care

Lead the holistic care of our collections including collections storage, object movement and handling as well as object cleaning, environmental monitoring and integrated pest management.

  • Anna Starkey: Collections Care Manager
  • Katie Haworth: Preventive Conservator
  • Joseph Jackson: Assistant Preventive Conservator
  • Kelly Rennie: Collections Technician
  • Maddy Moore: Collections Technician


Deliver the Museums' incoming and outgoing loans programme, and provide expert support to curatorial departments undertaking collection acquisitions and disposals. The Registrar team develop and deliver training and guidance in areas such as couriering, due diligence and Immunity from Seizure.

  • Yvonne Brownlee: Senior Registrar
  • Lyn Stevens: Registrar
  • Lucy Gorringe: Assistant Registrar
  • Susannah Darby: Assistant Registrar
  • Liz Mylod: Project Registrar

Paper and Textile Conservation

Provide expert conservation for paper and textile collections. Textile collections include costume, tapestry, flags and banners as well as samplers, embroidery and accessories. Paper collections comprise works of art, archives, photographs and social history documents including materials as diverse as papyrus and mica.

  • Lynn McClean ACR: Principal Conservator – Paper and Textiles
  • Miriam McLeod: Textile Conservator
  • Danielle Connolly: Assistant Textile Conservator
  • Victoria Hanley: Paper Conservator
  • Lisa Cumming ACR: Paper Conservator
  • Rosie Nuttal: Assistant Textile Conservator

Artefact Conservation

Provide expert conservation across a broad range of objects in our collections including archaeological, historical and ethnographic objects.

  • Jane Clark, ACR: Principal Conservator – Artefacts
  • Charles Stable, ACR: Artefacts Conservator
  • Diana de Bellaigue ACR: Artefacts Conservator
  • Lydia Messerschmidt: Artefacts Conservator
  • Mary Davis: Artefact Conservator (Galloway Hoard Project)
  • Holly Daws: Project Assistant Artefacts Conservator

Engineering Conservation

Provide conservation expertise for transport, aircraft and technology collections. This team also leads a programme of maintenance and care for working objects including engines, models and clocks on exhibition across our sites.

  • Stuart McDonald: Principal Conservator – Engineering
  • Thilo Burgel: Aircraft Conservator
  • Alex Walton: Engineering Conservator
  • Gemma Frew: Assistant Engineering Conservator

Collection Science

Examine objects with scientific methods to gain information about their condition, technology, history and use. Inorganic and organic materials are analysed by non-destructive and micro-analytical techniques, with metals, ceramics, plastics and natural dyes areas of expertise.

  • Lore Troalen: Analytical Scientist


Manages the Museums' library collections.

  • Mark Glancy: Library Services Manager
  • Ines Castellano: Assistant Librarian
  • Sarah Dallman: Assistant Librarian
  • Tomke Ortgies-Rae: Assistant Librarian
  • Ross Anderson: Library & Information Assistant
  • Morven Donald: Library & Information Assistant
  • Andy McDougall: Library & Information Assistant
  • Georgia Rogers: Library & Information Assistant
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Department Administrator

Lucy Glenny
Tel: 0131 247 4073


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