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The Mediterranean, Africa, Americas, and Oceania

Our Mediterranean, Africa, Americas and Oceania collections consist of over 35,000 objects ranging from the archaeological to the contemporary, including textiles, pottery, jewellery, sculpture, coffins, musical instruments, tools, weapons, basketry, and contemporary art.

Ancient Mediterranean collections

Our ancient Mediterranean collections consist of over 12,000 objects from Egypt, Sudan, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Cyrene, and western Asia, particularly the sites of Jericho, Jerusalem, and Buseirah.

Oceania, Americas and Africa collections

Our Oceania, Americas and African collections of over 25,000 objects represent historic and contemporary textiles, musical instruments, pottery, weapons, jewellery, basketry and contemporary art.

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Meet the team

Dr Margaret Maitland
Principal Curator, Ancient Mediterranean

Responsible for: Head of the Mediterranean, Africa, Americas and Oceania Section, with an emphasis on the Ancient Mediterranean collections.

Research interests: Middle Kingdom Egyptian culture, especially tomb decoration, tomb models, and literature; society and identity; the history of early Egyptology.


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Dr Daniel Potter
Assistant Curator, Ancient Mediterranean

Responsible for: Working with the Ancient Mediterranean collections.

Research interests: Ramesside Egyptian religion, texts and language. Pragmatics and Cognitive Linguistics. Early Egyptology, collectors and collecting. Archaeology and the antiquities market.


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Dr Ali Clark
Senior Curator, Oceania and the Americas

Responsible for: Collections from Oceania and the Americas.

Research interests: Collecting histories, climate change, ethnobotany, land rights, and contemporary Oceanic art.


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Victoria Adams
Assistant Curator, Oceania, Americas and Africa

Responsible for: Working with collections from Oceania, the Americas, and Africa.

Research interests: Peruvian archaeological textiles and ceramics; indigenous art; and museological collaborations with source communities.


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Dr Zachary Kingdon
Senior Curator, African Collections

Collection responsibility: Collections from Africa

Research interest: African colonial histories and agency, histories of colonial collecting, anthropology of creative practice, museology and participatory practice


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Heather Richardson
Assistant Curator of African and Ancient Mediterranean Collections

Collections responsibility: Supporting the curators of Africa and the Ancient Mediterranean; working with collections from Africa and the Ancient Mediterranean.

Research interest: Museological collaborations with source communities; original repairs and re-used objects found in world cultures collections; ethical issues surrounding the collecting and restitution of World Cultures collections; Northwest Coast art


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