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Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson
Senior Curator of Mineralogy
Specific responsibility: Curation of the mineral, meteorite and gem collections, XRD and FTIR analysis.
Research interests/expertise: Mineralogy, meteorites, topographical mineralogy, the history of National Museums Scotland and its mineral collections, the use of minerals as paints and pigments, the application of x-ray diffraction analysis, mineralogical etymology.

Peter Davidson is Senior Curator of Minerals.

Peter Davidson is Senior Curator of Minerals at National Museums Scotland with responsibility for the meteorite collection and other smaller collections, as well as the main mineral collections. He was hired as a museum assistant in the former Department of Geology in 1975 and helped to establish and run the new x-ray analytical facility. He graduated with a degree in Earth Sciences from the Open University in 1984. Peter also has a diploma in German (Language) from the Open University which he received in 2000.

His main areas of research interest are mineralogy, topographical mineralogy, history of mineralogy and the history of collections. His interest in historical mineralogy is reflected in his research into the origin of mineral names which will feature in a forthcoming book. He is also interested in examining and researching the state of mineralogy at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries in Edinburgh and Scotland in general.

He has also planned and developed many permanent and temporary exhibitions both in the museum and at Mineral Shows in Europe and the USA. He has closely collaborated with colleagues in other institutions around the world in the fields of mineralogy and meteoritics as well as with contemporary artists wishing to look at the collections as a source material for their work.

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For further publications see the National Museums Scotland Research Repository.

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Explore the mineral collections with our Senior Curator of Mineralogy, Peter Davidson.

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