Ours is one of the most important collections of scientific and technological material in Britain.
  • Science collections include: scientific instruments, measurement and precision apparatus, Scottish lighthouse optics and apparatus associated with pure and applied research in modern science.
  • Transport collections reflect the development of transport from the horse to jet aircraft, and from native boat to computer designed vehicles. 
  • Communications collections cover printing, telegraphy and telephony, sound and recording, radio, television and broadcasting. This section holds items from the BT Connected Earth collection.
  • Industry and engineering collections include civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, mining and mineral processing and Scottish industry past and present.

Science at National Museums of Scotland

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Science and Technology department

Dr Sam Alberti

Dr Sam Alberti: Keeper of Science and Technology

Responsibility: staff, projects and collections - communications, medicine, science, technology, and transport.
Research interest/expertise: history of museums; nineteenth- and twentieth-century British science and medicine.

You can find out more about Sam Alberti here.

 Louise Innes  

Louise Innes: Principal Curator of Transport

Specific responsibility: Aviation, Road, Rail and Maritime transport.
Research interest/expertise: General transport and the Scottish Transport Industry.

You can find out more about Louise Innes here.

 Alison Taubman  

Alison Taubman: Principal Curator of Communications

Specific responsibility: Telegraphy, telephony, printing. Development of the BT Connected Earth partnership.
Research interest/expertise: History of telegraphy, telephony and printing.
Contemporary collecting: telecommunications collections.

You can find out more about Alison Taubman here. 


 Dr Tacye Phillipson


Dr Tacye Phillipson: Senior Curator of Science

Specific responsibility: Science collections.
Research interest/expertise: Physical sciences and modern science.

You can find out more about Tacye Phillipson here.


Sophie Goggins: Curator of Biomedical Science

Specific responsibility: Curator of for Biomedical Science.
Sophie’s research interests include: Contemporary collecting in biomedicine, patient experience, and prosthetics.

You can find out more about Sophie Goggins here.


Katarina Grant: Assistant Curator of Technology

Specific responsibility: Curatorial support for technology collections.
Research interest/expertise: Materials collection.


 Ian Brown: Assistant Curator of Aviation

Specific responsibility: Curatorial support for Aviation collections.
Research interest/expertise: History of radar, Scottish military aviation.

You can read blogs from Ian Brown here


Alan Mills: Assistant Curator of Communications

Specific responsibility: Curatorial support for Communications collections.

Research interest/expertise: History of TV, radio and audio collections in relation to Scotland, Scottish inventors and innovators.

Julie Orford: Assistant Curator of Science

Specific responsibility: Curatorial support for science collections.
Research interest/expertise: History of Science collections.

You can read blogs from Julie Orford here. 

Dr Haileigh Robertson: Curator of Technology

Specific Responsibility: Curatorial Support for Technology collections

Expertise: early modern science, the history of alchemy and chemistry, reworking historic experiments, contemporary collecting, energy technology

Research interest: medieval and early modern science, the history of alchemy and chemistry, reworking historic experiments, intellectual history, contemporary collecting

You can find out more about Haleigh Robertson here. 

Research associates

Dr Alison Morrison-Low

Specific responsibility: Research for science collections.
Research interest/expertise: History of Science collections.

You can find out more about Dr Alison Morrison-Low here.


Dr Geoff Swinney

Research interest/expertise: History and historical geography of Museums. Biological models, particularly the work of Leopold Blaschka, and the career of William Speirs Bruce and his contributions to polar and high-latitude scientific exploration.

You can contact Dr Geoff Swinney via LinkedIn here.


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Science and Technology galleries

Communications, transport, industry, engineering, energy and medicine: how have scientific and technological inventions changed our lives? Explore the history of innovation in Scotland and across the world through interactive games and thought-provoking displays.

Victorian photography

Explore our archive of Victorian photography, from the early days of daguerreotypes to the birth of photography for the masses.

Reflecting and Refracting Telescopes

People throughout history have looked up to the sky for answers: to measure time, mark seasons, and navigate vast oceans. The sky at night inspires with beautiful images, and promises answers to big questions.

Molly Osborn 
Department Administrator 
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