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Science and Technology department

Our collections cover a broad range of scientific and technological material, and are amongst the most important in Europe.

Welcome to the Science and Technology department. We research, maintain and monitor one of the most important collections of scientific and technological material in Europe.

The Science and Technology collections are broad-based, ranging from scientific instruments made in the eleventh century to cutting-edge developments in renewable energy technologies. Some items are tiny, such as micro-electronic computing components; some are huge, including 73 aircraft. They are held at the National Museum of Rural Life and the National Museum of Flight as well as the National Museum of Scotland and National Museums Collection Centre.

These collections represent not only the development of scientific concepts and technical details but also the historical and cultural significance of science, medicine and technology, and their impact on people and the environment.

The department is organised into two sections: Science and Technology. Our collections are open to researchers for examination, and we'd be happy to help you conduct research. Please contact our staff to enquire.

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Dr Rebekah Higgitt

Acting Keeper of Science and Technology

Dr Rebekah Higgitt is head of the Department of Science and Technology. She is responsible for the department, its staff, collections and projects. Her research interests lie in the history of science 1600-1900, the cultural and social history of science and technology, and scientific instrument makers.
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