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A group of carved Lewis chess pieces

Medieval Archaeology and History

The collections of the Medieval Archaeology & History section cover the material evidence of a crucial thousand-year period from the fifth to the fifteenth century AD through a range of archaeological finds and assemblages that are unrivalled in strength and diversity for representing Scotland and its place in the world.

Long-lived sites occupied for many centuries can provide evidence for everyday life, while novel sites such as monasteries tell us about new ways of thinking about the world through the advent of Christianity. Gold and silver hoards, or the iconic Lewis Chess-pieces capture more unusual moments in time through spectacular material. The collection covers the high-point of Celtic art (Ultimate La Tene) including some of the most accomplished stone sculpture on Early Christian monuments in Europe, the largest collection of Viking-age grave assemblages outside of Scandinavia and the High Medieval period when Scotland first emerged into history as a kingdom with a distinct national identity. 

The Medieval Archaeology and History section facilitates activities, access, loans and research partnerships, producing exhibitions, books and multi-media presentations of new ideas and information about this formative period in Scottish history.

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Meet the Team

Dr Martin Goldberg
Principal Curator of Medieval Archaeology and History

Responsible for: Early Historic and Viking collections.

Research interests: Material culture in Northern Britain from Later Prehistory to the Early Historic period; silver – use and manufacture from Roman to Viking period; material culture approaches to the holistic study of ancient religion and ritual practice.


Dr Alice Blackwell
Senior Curator, Medieval Archaeology & History

Responsible for: Late medieval collections.

Research interests: Early to late medieval material culture, including Anglo-Saxon archaeology; the archaeological interpretation of stray finds; the use of heraldry in material culture; the medieval in contemporary society.


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Craig Angus
Craig Angus
Assistant Curator, Medieval Archaeology & History

Responsible for: Graphic and digital imaging for media/publication; co-ordinating department loans and department photographic requests; maintenance of our displays in National Museum of Scotland; support to all curators from Early Prehistory and Later Prehistory sections whenever object movement is required.


Dr Adrián Maldonado
Dr Adrián Maldonado
Galloway Hoard Researcher

Responsible for: Supporting the delivery of academic and public engagement outcomes as part of the AHRC-funded research project Unwrapping the Galloway Hoard as well as contributing to the wider research of the Galloway Hoard project.

Research interests: Early medieval Scotland, the Viking Age, early Christianity, the archaeology of death and burial, medievalism in pop culture.


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Dr Mary Davis
Galloway Hoard Researcher, Unwrapping the Galloway Hoard

Responsible for: Technical and elemental analysis of inorganic artefacts within the Galloway Hoard and contributing to wider research elements of the Unwrapping the Galloway Hoard project.

Research interests: Archaeological conservation and analysis of artefacts. Iron Age material culture. Technical and elemental analysis of Iron Age and early medieval metals and glass, plus Bronze Age jet, ceramic inlays, and gold artefacts. Prehistoric and early historic hoards and hoarding practices. Object biographies.


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