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We've picked our list of the best online games exploring topics from ancient Egypt to genetics and pop music to play on mobile, tablet or desktop. You can find all our online games in Explore


Dolly and the Atom Smasher

Where in the world would you see Dolly the sheep flying through Scotland, hitching a ride to space on a rocket and collecting museum objects along the way? Join the world's most famous sheep on a frenetic adventure!

Age 5+

Build A Pyramid Game Start (1)

Build a Pyramid

Can you build a grand pyramid for the king's tomb? Where will you put it? What size will it be? Build a pyramid to last for thousands of years or see your project crumble into dust!

Age 5+


Monkey Business Lunch

Feed the monkeys their favourite food in this fast-paced game. Watch out for Big G the gorilla - he's always hungry! And don't let those pesky Venus Fly Traps steal the primates' lunch...

Age 5+

Parasites Comic 4


We are at war with the malaria parasite! Can you defeat it before it transforms into different deadly strains of malaria?

Age 10+

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How long can you keep your GEN alive?

GEN is an innovative strategy game where you can use biomedical objects from the museum collection to diagnose and treat a digital creature.

Age 12+


What kind of Scottish popster are you?

Do you prefer stadium anthems or low-fi acoustic sessions? Snakebite or champagne? Find out what kind of Scottish popster you are in our ultimate pop test!

Age 16+

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