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Visits to our museums

We have over 12 million objects, covering a range of topics and four museums: National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, National War Museum in Edinburgh, National Museum of Flight in East Lothian and National Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride.
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National Museum of Scotland

The natural world, world cultures, science, technology, design, art and fashion, archaeology and Scottish history – whatever your topic, come on a visit to find out more.

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National Museum of Flight

Pupils are able to explore the history of aviation, uncover unforgettable stories and discover one of Europe's best collections of aircraft.

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National Museum of Rural Life

There's so much to see and do at the National Museum of Rural Life. Spend a day in the countryside, uncover Scotland's unique rural history and meet the animals on the farm!

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National War Museum

Discover the story of Scotland at war within the walls of Edinburgh Castle.

National War Museum

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Overseas School Groups

We also host groups visiting Scotland from overseas.

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Visiting with ASN pupils

We have a range of initiatives to support and welcome pupils with additional support needs.

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