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General self-led visit


A General Self Led Visit

About a general self-led visit

A visit to the museum can be a unique, exciting experience for your pupils and can be used to explore a wide range of topics. The museum is available to visit free of charge for pre-booked school groups. 


Booking a general visit provides you with: 

  • Free entry to the museum 
  • Access to a range of resources you can use beforehand, or print and bring with you to use during the day
  • Cloakroom and lunchroom space – booked school groups will be allocated cloakroom tubs and a 30-minute slot in the lunchroom to eat a packed lunch (subject to availability)

The day is yours to plan, and we’ve provided some top tips in our visit National Museum of Scotland page to help you plan. Details about timings, directions, and risk assessments will be included in your booking confirmation. 

Request a visit

Click the link below to request a general self-led visit

Request a General Visit
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