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Discover more about the Circular Economy through Making Circles, a schools project led by Ostrero, supported by National Museums Scotland.

During the 2019-20 school year, National Museums Scotland worked with Ostrero, a leading advocacy and research body established in 2016, which works to raise awareness of the Circular Economy. Ostrero developed workshops for Primary Two to Third Year pupils, inspired by our collections; these took place both at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and in schools across Scotland

What is the Circular Economy?

The Circular Economy is about making things last. It is the opposite of our current Linear Economy, where we take things out of the ground, make something with them, use them maybe only once, and dispose of them, without worrying too much about where they end up. 

Discover more about the project and schools project below.

Making Circles is an initiative of Ostrero, set up by Mary Michel and Marian Brown to grow the Circular Economy in Scotland. 


Photos by James Robertson.


Thank you to all those who have made Making Circles possible: 


Artemis, Craft Scotland, The Edinburgh Trades Fund, The National Museums of Scotland for hosting the workshops and the display, especially Sarah Cowie for her engagement and support, Veolia for supporting the Arbroath High and Leith Academy workshops, The Making Circles Steering Committee, Kirsty Clark, George Dalgleish, Sarah Grotrian, Anna Orr, Mella Shaw, Sara Webster, Bryony Knox and Mella Shaw Designer-Makers, Clare Mills from Look, Listen, Draw for the two Circular Economy graphics, Marian Brown (drawings in Build Back Better), Dr Kim Crosbie, Lorna Macdonald (Arts & Creative Learning, Communities & Families, City of Edinburgh Council), Developing the Young Workforce, Borders Scrapstore for providing a wonderful service and saving so much valuable material from landfill, Matilda Michel for her inspirational quotes, and the Schools – all the pupils, teachers and support staff who inspired us with their grasp of designing for a Circular Economy.

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