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Volunteering with National Museums Scotland can be hugely rewarding. But don't take our word for it, here's what some of our volunteers say about their time with us.

Aileen Drewette
Volunteer, National Museum of Rural Life 

Aileen with a baby goat at the Country Fair

Volunteering has given me the chance to work with like-minded people. The staff and other volunteers are very friendly and I feel that the museum is grateful for my small contribution.  It genuinely feels good to help.

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The National Museum of Rural Life opened in 2001, just after I moved to East Kilbride and I have been a regular visitor ever since. As a result, I frequently take relatives and friends for a tour of the museum, a walk or tractor ride to the farm and a visit to the café afterwards.
The farmhouse also evokes childhood memories of living near farms and walking across the fields for horse riding lessons. It reminds me of the familiar sights and sounds of farmyard animals and the occasional farmyard smell! 
When I saw the opportunity to volunteer at their events, I immediately applied. I love history and the countryside, so wanted to help support this local farming museum in any way I could. It is an asset to the local area.
So far, I have had the opportunity to provide the public with information on events, enrolment onto the various activities, carry out visitor surveys and get involved in candle making and craft workshops. I enjoy socialising and this is a great way to meet new people from the local area, the UK and also international visitors. 
Volunteering has given me the chance to work with like-minded people. The staff and other volunteers are very friendly and I feel that the museum is grateful for my small contribution. It genuinely feels good to help. As a result, it has encouraged me to volunteer for further events and I have also applied to be a farmhouse guide. I am constantly learning new skills and hope to continue gaining more experience.          

Viktoria Urikova
Volunteer Gardener, National Museum of Flight 

Viktoria in front of the garden she worked on.

My volunteer experience gave me a chance to learn gardening skills, practice my English and make new friends. From a barren piece of ground and with the help of some lovely Spring weather, I have now managed to produce a few baskets of organic vegetables for the Aviator Café to use in their menus for their customers. 
I dream of having my own garden in the future and perhaps the most satisfying thing for me is to see the results of my work. I planted some seeds and after a few weeks it is an amazing reward to see them grow, after so much watering and care.

John Hutchison
Collections Volunteer, Science and Technology department

John at the National Museum Collection Centre

Over the ten years that I have been a volunteer with National Museums Scotland, I have handled and labelled a significant number of articles and have seen many more. For me, the whole experience of working within this environment is a privilege. To be able to work within this structure, plus to see and touch articles (with gloves on I hasten to add) on my visits. 

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Laura Delahunt
Event Volunteer, National Museum of Scotland

A group of staff and event volunteers at a Museum Late.

As an Event Volunteer, I helped with adult craft activities at a Museum Late: Celts, plus other stewarding and ticketing at the National Museum of Scotland and National Museum of Rural Life.
I naturally enjoy speaking to lots of different people and I find it rewarding to make the experience of visitors as enjoyable as possible. The activities have been very interesting and, as I have  background in fine art, I love having the opportunity to engage others in making crafts. I would recommend it to anyone as it is a lot of fun to get involved with the museum and everyone is really lovely to work with and very professional.
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