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Our mission is to preserve, interpret and make accessible for all, the past and present of Scotland, other nations and cultures, and the natural world.

Our vision

Inspiring people: addressing the challenges of our age.

Strategic Plan 2022-27

Our strategic plan sets out what we will do to achieve our mission and vision.

Our current strategic plan covers the period 2022-2027. It describes our aims and priorities for this period, and includes details of the resources required to achieve them.

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Strategic Aims

Our work is guided by five interconnected strategic aims:

1. Our audiences will be more diverse, and more people will connect with our collections and their stories.
2. We will be recognised as the world leader and preferred national partner for the interpretation of and engagement with Scotland’s material heritage.
3. We will be well advanced on the path to a carbon neutral footprint and a respected resource for understanding climate and biodiversity challenges.
4. The unique potential of our collections, expertise and programmes will be shared and valued internationally.
5. We will be financially secure, supported by diverse income streams and confident in continuing to invest in our people, places and collection.



Creative: we are innovative and thrive on good ideas
Inclusive: we are open, friendly and enabling
Collaborative: we are enquiring, receptive and well connected
Forward thinking: we look for the big picture as well as the detail

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National strategy

Our work with other museums and communities across Scotland allows us to share the National Collections widely and to support our sector.

We do this through loans, touring exhibitions, learning, outreach and digital programmes as well as offering advice, acquisition funding and training programmes to other museums.

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Gaelic Language Plan

Our Gaelic Language Plan supports our commitment to the aspirations and objectives included in the National Gaelic Language Plan and the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005.

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