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Scotland's Ancient Egyptian Collections

From stelae to shabtis, canopic jars to Coptic cloth, immense public interest in Egyptology from the 1800s onwards has led to the development of ancient Egyptian collections across Scotland.

As part of the Ancient Egypt and East Asia National Programme we undertook  a national review of ancient Egyptian collections in Scotland, supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund, delivered by the Museums Association. The review highlights some of the objects and stories from these collections. It is the largest and most detailed review of Egyptian collections in Scotland, tracking around 14,000 objects from 25 organisations, spread across 50 sites.

Download the full collections review
Ancient Egyptian Collections In Scottish Museums
PDF (40.4 MB)
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Ancient Egypt across Scotland

An incredible array of Egyptian objects can be found in museums across Scotland, from tiny amulets to massive stone monuments. National Museums Scotland and museums across the country are studying these artefacts together to improve our understanding of ancient Egyptian culture and Scotland’s contribution to Egyptology.

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