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Join curator Margaret Maitland for a guided virtual tour of our Ancient Egypt Rediscovered gallery at the National Museum of Scotland.

Margaret Maitland, Principal Curator of the Ancient Mediterranean, presents a personalised tour of our Ancient Egypt Rediscovered gallery. Discover themes of family, home, togetherness and separation as she reveals her highlights from over 650 remarkable objects.


Objects like these remind us that we have a lot in common regardless of our distance across space and time.
- Margaret Maitland
A family looking at an artefact in the Ancient Egypt gallery.

Ancient Egypt on Google StreetView

Delve into into a virtual tour of the gallery yourself.

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Featured objects

Wooden statuette of a woman from Western Asia carrying a child on her back, excavated at the tomb of Useri at Beni Hasan, Egypt, 12th Dynasty, c.1985-1795 BC (A.1911.260).

Statue in red sandstone of the scribe May squatting in a cloak, excavated at Serabit el-Khadim, Sinai, 19th Dynasty, c.1295-1186 BC (A.1905.284.4).

Ancestor bust of a man wearing a tripartite wig, possibly from Deir el-Medina, Egypt, 18th-19th Dynasty, c.1550-1186 BC (A.1952.191).

Statue of the Chief of the Medjai (Police) and his wife, early 19th Dynasty c.1295-1279 BC, excavated by A. Henry Rhind in 1857 at the Rhind Tomb in Thebes, Egypt (A.1956.143) – find out more in this short film.

Limestone relief fragment depicting Nubian Prince Ptahmaakheru, excavated at his tomb in Abydos, Egypt, 25th Dynasty, c.747-656 BC (A.1901.429.11).

Coffin made for two boys named Petamun and Penhorpabik, Thebes, Egypt, late Roman Period, c.175-200 AD (A.1956.357).

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Explore the National Museum of Scotland at your own pace with Google StreetView, including the iconic Grand Gallery and our Ancient Egyptian Gallery.

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Discover more online

In addition to making our galleries accessible for everyone to explore online, over 1,000 objects from the national collection have been added to our pages on Google Arts & Culture

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