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Delve into our animated adventures and explore the world from unique perspectives.

What is the Galloway Hoard?

In 2014, something very special was found in Galloway, South West Scotland. This short animation is an introduction to the hoard for children and families.

Alexander Henry Rhind

Find out why Alexander Henry Rhind deserves credit as the first archaeologist to excavate in Egypt. Created for the Discovering Ancient Egypt gallery

The East Asian Calendar

The East Asian calendar uses a unique system to measure and mark the passing of time. Discover the twelve animals in the calendar and find out what your animal sign is. Created for the East Asia gallery.

A day in the life of an ancient Egyptian priest

Priests occupied a unique place in ancient Egyptian society. Find out what they did every day and why in this short animated film. Created for the Discovering Ancient Egypt gallery

Cover up for the Clean Room

A cleanroom is a laboratory facility used for specialised industrial production or scientific research. In order to minimise dust and other particles, a cleanroom is a strictly-controlled environment. This animated film explains what to wear, and what not to wear, inside a cleanroom.

The Qilin

Discover more about China's mythical creature, the Qilin, and its appearance in many forms of Chinese art.

Unexpected Science - The iLimb

What’s the point of studying science? Find out more in this short film which explores the story of Josh who wears the iLimb Ultra, the world’s first prosthetic hand with moving fingers. Discover how Touch Bionics used biomedical knowledge and research, design and technical skills, teamwork and determination to create this amazing invention! 

Created as part of the My World of Work Live project at the National Museum of Scotland.

Unexpected Science – Pringle Scotland's 3D printed jumper

There's more to the fashion industry than cardigans and catwalks! Find out more about Pringle's high tech jumper and the range of roles which helped the company create a unique 3D printed item of clothing. Created as part of the My World of Work Live project at the National Museum of Scotland.

Mandarin at the Museum

Learn some Mandarin colours and discover how they relate to six of our museum objects. Part of a resource for schools, aimed at Primary 5-7 learning Mandarin.

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