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Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design textile students interpret the radical power of the colour black in design.

Our current exhibition Beyond the Little Black Dress examines the subtle and often contradictory use of the colour black in fashion. We asked third year textile students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design to produce sensory sample swatches which responded creatively and practically to the concept of the little black dress.  

The colour palette was limited to black only – this wasn’t easy for students who embrace colour in their daily work. 

All other specifications were without limits. Students could be as experimental as they wished, exploring black through structure, pattern, texture, embellishment and form. They took full advantage of all the traditional processes available to them: screenprinting, knit and stitch – as well as utilising the Digital Making studios which host contemporary technologies like 3D printing and laser cutting.  

Students were asked to consider the future of the little black dress, particularly in relation to pressing concerns around equality, inclusivity and sustainability.  

Watch the film

See the finished pieces

We couldn’t be more delighted with the work the students produced. This project has been a celebration of making and designing – and the sensory experience of making and wearing clothes. 


    Anna Rooney

  • Black textile piece for the wrist.

    Anna Stark


    Anna Young

  • Bethan White

    Bethan White

  • Caitlyn Ross

    Caitlyn Ross

  • Ellen Donald

    Ellen Donald

  • Emily Cassidy

    Emily Cassidy


    Emma Bloor

  • Holly Scott

    Holly Scott

  • Izzy Brogan Hadley

    Izzy Brogan Hadley

  • Kim Oliver

    Kim Oliver

  • Lacey Martin

    Lacey Martin

  • Laurie Wells

    Laurie Wells


    Mairi Noonan


    Olivia Laszkiewicz

  • Orla Mccafferty

    Orla McCafferty

  • Sophie Wilson

    Sophie Wilson

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