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We’ve got great activities to get you out and about, exploring the incredible world of insects and other invertebrates.

Make a bug hotel to make your outdoor space more bug friendly, create a beetle or butterfly out of recycled materials, go on bug safari on your home, garden or out on a walk and catch live bugs by making a simple pitfall trap.

AW Great Yellow Bumblebee Orkney

Bug safari

A bug safari is a great way to discover lots of insects and other invertebrates. You can go on a bug safari in your home, garden, or out on a walk.

Go on a bug safari

Make a bug hotel

Having trouble finding bugs? There’s lots of ways to make your garden or outdoor space more bug friendly. Follow these instructions to make a bug hotel and see who moves in!

Make a bug hotel
Bug Pitfall Illustration For Web

Make a pitfall trap

A great way to catch live bugs is to make a simple pitfall trap. Follow our instructions and see lots of bugs!

Make a pitfall trap
Litter Bug

Make a litter bug

Make a beetle or butterfly out of recycled materials. You can be even more environmentally (and insect) friendly by not using glue, so your bug can be taken apart and reused or recycled again. You could even turn your litter bug into a bug hotel!

Make a litter bug

More family activities

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