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Museums are great places to uncover stories. Build your own story, inspired by our amazing objects.

Building your own story

Many famous authors have written stories about the amazing things found in our museums. Now it's time for you to have a go and write your own story inspired by our museums' collections


First, download our writing guide

This guide will help you plan out your story and think about the object you'll use for inspiration, the characters and the setting. No need to print out the guide, you can read it on your screen, then type or write your ideas.

Download the guide in English or Gaelic below.

Next, choose an object

You'll need to choose an object to base your story around. 

There are two ways you can do this:

Search our museum objects on our website to find something to inspire you. Search the collections and remember to click on the box 'only records with images' so you can see a picture of what you find. Some of our favourite words to search include cat, toy and robot.

Visit the National Museum of Scotland in person or virtually through Google Street View. You can explore all around and choose something you can see which interests you.

Grand Gallery

Ancient Egypt Rediscovered

Exploring East Asia

Finally, share your story

Once you've written your story, share it with others. Read it to the people you live with, or over the phone or video call to those you can't currently visit. You could also share it with your teacher and class.  

In partnership with

This resource was created in collaboration with Scottish Book Trust for the First Minister's Reading Challenge. You can find a variety of creative reading and writing activities for children of all ages to enjoy on the Scottish Book Trust Home Activities Hub.

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