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In this talk, David Olusoga, one of the three presenters of the BBC's Civilisations series, asks ‘can TV still do that magical thing of bringing people to a place where they believe history and art is for them?’

David Olusoga

During March 2018, British-Nigerian historian and BAFTA award-winning presenter and filmmaker David Olusoga visited the National Museum of Scotland as part of the BBC’s Civilisations Festival.

Inspired by Kenneth Clark’s ground-breaking BBC series Civilisation from 1969, BBC Two’s nine-part series Civilisations introduces a new generation to great masterworks of beauty and ingenuity. 

Hear David discuss how TV opened doors to new worlds for him, and how the new series of Civilisations will bring art to new audiences.

During the talk, David plays clips from the series, including the trailer, which you can see here.

Civilisations AR app

You can see a Benin saltcellar and Madonna and Child from our collection come to life in the BBC's Civilisations Augmented Reality app. Find out more and download the app here.

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