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Licketyspit presents: A Margaret and Magnus Storyplay adventure at the National Museum of Scotland.

Margaret and Magnus open Jack’s Magic Map and hurtle through space to land in an extraordinary place. Somewhere they have never been before!

Somewhere full of fascinating things that inspire Storyplay and imaginings! We invite you to come and explore the National Museum of Scotland with Margaret & Magnus, Felicia, Francesca, Lily Rose, Franky, Zofia, Mahek, Simon, Shullamite, Jessica and Iona.

Watch the film 👇🏼

This film was made live in a day with Licketyspit Storyplay Champion Children on Zoom from Glasgow by Licketyspit Theatre Company, National Museums Scotland and Aarol Films.

If you enjoy it we would love to hear from you and see your Reflective Drawings, rhymes and stories. Find out how to send us your drawings or stories and/or join the Children & Families Network here.

Or find out more about Margaret & Magnus and Jack’s Magic Map.


Storyplay is about being curious, exploring the world around you, and using your imagination to create your own games and stories.

Everyone can enjoy Storyplay, but it is a particularly great way for early years children to explore and investigate the world on their own terms. Everyone of any age can enjoy Storyplay, whether or not they speak English or are able to read it yet.

Storyplay opens doors to imaginary playworlds to unlock the limitless possibilities of children. It nurtures imagination, develops literacy, language and social skills, and improves confidence. Museums are great and fun places to Storyplay, as there is so much around to inspire you. The National Museum of Scotland is happy to invite you to Storyplay here to your heart’s content whenever you like.

Find out more about Licketyspit and Storyplay.

Museums are wonderful places to visit, full of amazing objects and stories gathered from all over the world. Objects were collected for many different reasons. Some of the stories about how the objects were gathered are being explored here.

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