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Download resources to create your own Teacup Travels adventure, based on the CBeebies series, and find out where you can see the objects that inspired the Viking episode.

Teacup Travels is a treasure trove of epic adventure stories, which inspires audiences up and down the country by opening the door to ancient worlds and civilizations to young viewers. Each 15 minute episode revolves around Great Aunt Lizzie telling her fictional adventures in Ancient Greece, Edo Japan, the Viking Lands and the Mayan Empire and each story features a replica of an ancient artefact from a museum somewhere in the UK.

Our Senior Curator Dr Martin Goldberg worked with the makers of Teacup Travels to recreate some boat rivets from the era of the Vikings. In this blog post, Martin explains how the rivets sparked the imagination of the Teacup Travels team.

You can see the original rivets in the 'Getting around' section of the Early People gallery, and learn more about how the Vikings travelled across the seas. On Friday 9 December, our Feely Friday session will be all about the Vikings – come along to get a free Teacup Travels sticker!

You can see the Viking episode of Teacup Travels on iPlayer until 6 January 2017.

Want to create your own adventures? Download the Teacup Travels 'design an adventure' sheet here.

Plan showing location of rivets in the Early People gallery

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