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Annual Review

Each year we publish an Annual Review highlighting our activity and achievements.

Review 22

The Review 22 publication highlights our activity and achievements from the past year.

This year's review is themed around our organisational values. Welcoming visitors back to our museums following two years of disruption, and against the backdrop of a changed world, these values feel especially pertinent. They guide our work, shape our thinking and inform everything we do.

For the second year, we’re presenting our review in a digital-only format, which not only helps us to reduce our carbon footprint but also allows you to explore our activities over the past 12 months in richer detail.

Review 22

The Annual Review 2021/22 is now available to view online.

Read the Review 22

Image credits

Welcome to our Annual Review (p2)

  • Scott Richmond

The Year in Numbers (p3)

  • Ruth Armstrong
  • Neil Hanna

New Acquisitions (p4)

  • Love Machine necklace, Veronika Fabian, 2021. © Veronika Fabian
  • Sardar Iqbal Singh wearing the Singh tartan in Laird Singh’s His Tartan’s Praises, the fourth painting in The Singh Twins’ The Iqbalnama series. © The Singh Twins

Stepping inside our stories (p5)

  • Neil Hanna
  • Two-part finger-ring, lida Kanako, 2006. © Lida Kanako
  • New Pinecone Silver Organism, Junko Mori, 2007. © Junko Mori

Engaging Audiences (p6)

  • Paul Dodds
  • Stewart Attwood
  • Ian Georgeson
  • Ruth Armstrong
  • Abermedia

Making Everyone Welcome (p8)

  • Stewart Attwood
  • Ruth Armstrong

Sharing Stories (p9)

  • Neil Hanna
  • Chris Rynn, University of Bradford
  • Sekai Machache. Image courtesy of University of Dundee Museums.

Sharing new knowledge (p10)

  • Neil Hanna
  • Viktor Radermacher
  • Dr Fiona Salvesen Murrell, Consultant Curator for The Paxton Trust
  • Image courtesy of Royal Observatory Edinburgh Archives

Building a sustainable tomorrow (p11)

  • Ruth Armstrong
  • SolarisKit
  • Image courtesy of Phoebe English

New perspectives (p12)

  • Neil Hanna
  • Back to Black, Christopher Day, 2020. © Christopher Day.

All other images © National Museums Scotland

Reviews, reports and accounts

Past Annual Reviews, Accounts and other reports are available for download below.

Annual Procurement Report

Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017

Click on the links below to view and download Facility Time statements (.pdf):

Framework Agreement

Click on the link below to view the NMS Framework Agreement (.pdf):

Header image: Detail From A Print Depicting Carolina Parrots From Birds Of America, By John James Audubon. Image © National Museums Scotland

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