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A model poses in Gareth Pugh's dress and headpiece, made from bin bags.

A Gareth Pugh Dress Hand Embroidered With Black Bin Bags. Gareth Pugh, Autumn Winter 2015.

© David Eustace

Annual Review

A Gareth Pugh Dress Hand Embroidered With Black Bin Bags. Gareth Pugh, Autumn Winter 2015.

© David Eustace

Each year we publish an Annual Review highlighting our activity and achievements.

Review 23

The Review 23 publication highlights our activity and achievements from the past year.

This year’s review is themed around connection, which threads throughout our work. At our heart is the National Collection, which connects us with people, cultures, communities and other museums. And, through our own museums, the National Collection helps our visitors to connect with our shared heritage, and to consider questions of place, identity and the environment.

For the third year, we’re presenting our review in a digital-only format, which not only helps us to reduce our carbon footprint but also allows you to explore our activities over the past 12 months in richer detail.

Review 23

The Annual Review 2022/23 is now available to view online.

Read the Review 23
Download the Gaelic translation
Léirmheas 2023
PDF (202.3 KB)

Image credits

Welcome to our Annual Review (p2)

  • Scott Richmond

The year in numbers (p3)

  • Tina Sørensen,
  • Stewart Attwood
  • Duncan McGlynn
  • Corentin Loron

New arrivals (p4)

  • Stewart Attwood
  • Paul Dodds
  • Duncan McGlynn
  • Neil Hanna

Exhibitions and events (p5)

  • Stewart Attwood
  • Duncan McGlynn
  • Neil Hanna
  • Paul Dodds

Engaging audiences (p6)

  • Neil Hanna
  • Duncan McGlynn
  • Colin Hattersley

Supporting the sector (p7)

  • Lesley Martin
  • Charles Stable
  • Bangladesh Association Glasgow

International working (p8)

  • Duncan McGlynn
  • Moira Adel
  • Frederik Wolff
  • House of Ni’isjoohl
  • Nisg̱a’a Lisims Government
  • Sailor First Class Erin Roberts, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Aaron Whitfield, Red Bike Media

Sharing stories (p9)

  • Neil Hanna
  • Duncan McGlynn
  • Historic Royal Palaces

New thinking (p10)

  • Matt Humpage (Northern Rogue Studios)
  • Paul Barrett
  • Gabriel Ugueto
  • Camille Delbos

Caring for collections (p11)

  • Duncan McGlynn
  • Murdo MacLeod

Sustainability (p12)

  • Neil Hanna
  • Duncan McGlynn
  • Ruth Armstrong
  • VIN + OMI/Jon Baker
  • Andrew Kitchener
  • Georg Hantke
  • John Fletcher

All other images and videos © National Museums Scotland

Reviews, reports and accounts

Past Annual Reviews, Accounts and other reports are available for download below.

Annual Procurement Report

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