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A woman lies facing up in the surf on a beach, with a small wave washing over her.

© Still from Holding On by Angela Tiatia, image courtesy of the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney

Rising Tide: What can I do?

© Still from Holding On by Angela Tiatia, image courtesy of the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney

In 2019, Scotland declared a climate emergency. What can I do?

The links below provide helpful resources on how you can get politically active and help to reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of single-use plastic in the environment.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

Circular, blue icon with a thin gold rim and two white arrows curved so that they point at each other, forming a loop.

A museum display replicating a vibrant, bright blue sea floor, but with everything made from plastic - plastic bottle jellyfish, plastic padding on the floor, and plastic straws forming anemones.

What's the problem with plastic?

What is it about plastic that puts it at the centre of conversations about the climate crisis? Find out with this resource from Zero Waste Scotland.

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An adult assists a young child with looking at a paper project on a desktop.

At home

Small changes at home can have a big impact. Learn how with Zero Waste Scotland's guide to what you can do at home.

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Walk, cycle or wheel

Circular, blue icon with a gold rim and a simple white illustration of a bicycle in the centre.

A vintage black bicycle with a light brown rim around the wheels, viewed from the side and standing upright against a black background.

Sustainable Transport

Leaving the car behind where possible has many benefits for individuals and communities. Learn what they are with Sustrans.

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A black and silver hybrid bicycle laden with pannier bags rests against a black iron railing in Edinburgh, with the National Gallery and Princes Street Gardens in the background.

Cycling and walking

Explore Quiet Routes, find cycle storage, and learn about upcoming sustainable transport projects in with the City of Edinburgh Council.

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Help to cut carbon emissions

Circular blue icon with a golden rim, with a white outline of a tree next to circle reading 'CO2'.

Area of long grass and wildflowers between two modern buildings with a sign reading 'Biodiversity enhancement area'.

Reduce your organisation's impact on the environment

How can organisations minimise their impact on the environment? Creative Carbon Scotland offers many resources to achieve this goal.

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A simple black and white logo. A black circle encloses a white space containing the black words, 'Zero Waste Scotland'.

Start your organisation's journey to zero

Organisations have a big role to play in the climate crisis. Find out how to implement your organisation's journey to net zero.

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Try a plant-based diet

Circular, blue icon with a gold rim and white illustrated outline of a chopping board and knife in the centre.

A very shiny red apple, so perfect it almost looks fake, against a white background.

How can going veggie help the planet?

The Vegetarian Society UK provides recipes, lifestyle tips, and data about the role of diet in the climate crisis.

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An old naturalist's illustration of two large, light purple flowers bunched together with several strands of long grass.

How going vegan makes a difference

The Vegan Society explains the benefits of veganism and how you can make a difference through what you eat.

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Beach clean or litter clean

Circular, blue icon with a golden rim. In the centre is a white illustrated outline of a wheelie bin with leaves in it.

Photograph of plastic junk floating on the water's surface, shot so that you see both underwater and above water at the same time.

Get involved at a local beach clean

Beach cleans are a great way to get more connected and involved in your local community. Find a local beach clean with the Marine Conservation Society.

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A spread out group of people cross a small bridge and fan out into sand dunes along a beach, carrying litter bags and sticks for collecting litter.

Find a local litter pick

Have you noticed more litter in your local area? Get involved with a litter pick with Keep Scotland Beautiful's map of events across the country.

Get involved

Get politically active: Write to your local politician, sign a petition and support campaigns to protect our environment

Circular blue icon with a gold rim. Inside the circle is a white outline of a letter, like the email symbol.

A sleek black typewriter with cream-coloured keys against a dark grey background.

Write to your local political representative (UK)

Not sure what to say? WriteToThem helps you find your local politician, compose a message, and ensure it gets to the right place.

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Closeup of a person's hands working on a blue and green net made of recycled plastic.

Get empowered to fight climate change (Pacific Islands)

Grassroots network 350 Pacific works across 18 Pacific Island nations to build resilience and fight climate change

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A group of 4 or 5 young people write on a whiteboard with coloured markers, looking serious and determined.

Empowering young leaders in Scotland

2050 Climate Group provides practical guidance and tools to allow young people in Scotland to take the lead against the climate crisis.

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