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Whatson Hay

Fully fashioned

This exhibition celebrated the 200th anniversary of Pringle of Scotland.
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10 April - 16 August 2015


National Museum of Scotland

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#Pringle200Years @PringleScotland

Scotland is the iconic birthplace of the knitwear industry. It was in Hawick, in the Scottish Borders, that Pringle of Scotland became one of the first luxury knitwear manufacturers in the world.

Marking Pringle of Scotland's 200th anniversary, this free exhibition traced the history of the company from a small hosiery firm making undergarments to an international fashion brand known for its outerwear.

Using rare pieces of early knitwear, iconic fashion garments, archival records and film footage, the exhibition traced the evolution of one of the world's oldest fashion brands and explored the continuing relevance of knitwear to the modern wardrobe.

  • Pringle1

    ‘A pair of pretty Pringles’, United States market advertisement designed by S. Johns, 1959. Courtesy of Jamie Mulherron.

  • Pringle2

    ‘Le plus beau cachemire d’Ecosse’, advertisement from Vogue Paris, 1965.

  • Fullyfashioned Heritage01

    Knitted sports jacket from Pringle price list and catalogue, 1907.

  • Fullyfashioned Heritage02

    Model wearing a twinset from a Pringle catalogue, 1940s.

  • Pringle4

    American Vogue cover from April 1955 photographed by Horst with model wearing a Pringle cardigan.

  • Fullyfashioned Heritage03

    Models wearing a cardigan and twinset from a Pringle catalogue, 1930s.

  • Fullyfashioned Heritage04

    Pringle Paisleys, ‘Farah’ printed cashmere dress, 1969.

  • Pringle5

    Sam Rollinson in a handmade knitted sweater with 3D printed elements, photographed by Roe Ethridge in 2014.

  • Pringle6

    Detail from United States market advertisement, 1947. Courtesy of Jamie Mulherron.

  • Fullyfashioned Heritage07

    Tilda Swinton wearing an argyle pattern sweater, photographed by Ryan McGinley in 2010.

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Header image: American Vogue cover from April 1955 photographed by Horst with model wearing a Pringle cardigan.

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