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A painted portrait of Sir Walter Scott standing on a hill next to two terriers with hills in the distance.

The Border Ballads

The Reivers Wedding

Pair of brass spurs

Spurs belonging to Auld Scott of Harden. Brass, gilt, Scotland, early 17th century 

They ate, they laugh’d, they sang and quaff’d,
Till nought on board was seen,
When knight and squire were bidden to dine
But a spur of silver sheen.

The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border: Battle of Otterburn

Metal helmet

Morion: An open helmet which provided good visibility on horseback. Steel, Europe, 16th century

He belted on his guid braid sword,/ And to the field he ran;/ But he forgot the helmet good,/ That should have kept his brain.
When Percy with the Douglas met,/ I wat he was fu fain!
They swakked their swords, till sair they swat,/ And the blood ran down like rain.
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