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A painted portrait of Sir Walter Scott standing on a hill next to two terriers with hills in the distance.

Knights and Crusades

The Talisman

Metal helmet with a visor, like from a knight's suit of armor

Closed helmet: Worn by knights from the later medieval period onwards. Steel, Italian, 16th century.

The combatants sat opposite to each other, face to face, with couched lance and closed visor, the human form so completely enclosed, that they looked more like statues of molten-iron, than beings of flesh and blood.

The Betrothed

A metal mace

War mace: For close combat against armour. Steel, German, 16th century.

‘False Norman churl!’ said Gwenwyn, swinging around his head a mace of prodigious weight, and already clottered with blood, ‘thy iron headpiece shall ill protect thy lying tongue, with which I will this day feed the ravens’. 


Illustration from Ivanhoe showing a serious looking male figure with a sword, a female figure standing pensively with one hand held aloft, with a battle taking place behind them
Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe’s combat with Templar Brian de Bois Guilbert. By artist and computer games illustrator Gary Burley, using 19th-century etching techniques. Artwork © Gary Burley

When the field became thin by the numbers vanquished, the Templar and the Disinherited Knight at length encountered hand to hand, with all the fury that mortal animosity, joined to rivalry of honour, could inspire.
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