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A painted portrait of Sir Walter Scott standing on a hill next to two terriers with hills in the distance.

Convenanters and Jacobites

Old Mortality

A long sword of a dull metal

Sword blade belonging to Alexander Clark, a Covenanter from southwest Scotland, a centre of Covenanting resistance. Steel, Scottish, 17th century.

When we have drawn the sword, we are enjoined to smite the ungodly, though he be our neighbour, and the man of power and cruelty, though he were of our own kindred, and the friend of our own bosom... 

The Bride of Lammermoor

A stemmed wine glass with a carved floral design

Wine glass with Jacobite symbols: the engravings include thistles, rose buds to represent Bonnie Prince Charlie and his brother, a moth to signify rebirth and the Order of the Garter symbolising kingship. Glass, England, mid-18th century.

Craigengelt rose, went a tiptoe to the door, peeped out, shut it carefully – clapped his tarnished gold-laced hat on one side of his head, took his glass in one hand, and touching the hilt of his hanger with the other, toasts, ‘The King over the water’.
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