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A painted portrait of Sir Walter Scott standing on a hill next to two terriers with hills in the distance.

Crime and Punishment

Heart of Midlothian

A heavy metal fetterlock

Padlock, from the Old Tolbooth. Iron, Scottish, 17th century    

The handcuffs which were produced being found too small for the wrists of a man so bigboned as Wilson, Porteous proceeded with his own hands, and by great exertion of strength, to force them till they clasped together, to the exquisite torture of the unhappy criminal...

Rob Roy

Brass sporran clasp demonstrating an internal spring mechanism

Sporran clasp acquired by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in 1783. This is probably the model for the one Scott describes as being worn by Rob Roy. Brass, steel, Scottish, 18th-century. 

A small steel pistol was concealed within the purse, the trigger of which was connected with the mounting, and made part of the machinery, so that the weapon would certainly be discharged [against] … any one, who, being unacquainted with the secret, should tamper with the lock which secured his treasure...
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