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Watch Galloway Hoard Researcher and Early Medieval archaeologist Dr Adrián Maldonado as he reacts to depictions of the Viking Age in movies, TV and video games.

Did vikings really burn their dead in boats on the water? How stark was the divide between vikings, Picts and Britons? And what's up with all the blue face paint?

The Viking Age in Scotland spanned from the late 8th century AD to the 13th century. Pop culture depictions of this period double down on warfare, rigid identities and iconic imagery including longships and battleaxes. But how accurate is this view of the Viking Age?

Content warning: footage includes depictions of violence and funerary rituals

Viking-age movies, shows and videogames in this video include VikingsAssassin's Creed: ValhalllaThe Last KingdomTotal War Saga: Thrones of BritanniaThe 13th Warrior, and Senua's Saga: Hellblade II.

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A silver cross cropped to focus on its centre and left arm. Plain black background. A bear-like creature is carved in black and gold on the left arm and a cord wraps around the centre of the cross.

Part of the pectoral cross from the Galloway Hoard, as referenced in Adrián's discussion about the battle scene in Vikings.

Book cover with black background. An elaborate golden brooch fills most of the cover, with a yellow banner giving the title 'Crucible of Nations'.

Crucible of Nations book

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