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The year is 1990 and four-year-old Steph Dale flew to Lapland to see Father Christmas...on Concorde!

For almost 30 years, anyone who could afford the ticket could shoot across the globe at twice the speed of sound. How? By flying on Concorde, the world’s only supersonic passenger aeroplane!

After winning a competition, Steph travelled to Lapland on Concorde when she was only four years old. The National Museum of Flight is home to Scotland's only Concorde and we filmed Steph there as she recalled the incredible experience. Watch the video below and keep an eye out for some excellent 1990s fashion moments!

Take a look at some of the souvenirs Steph has treasured since her trip to Lapland on Concorde and see some of the photos of her visit. 

Steph's Concorde keepsakes

  • Microsoftteams Image (3)Ed

    Steph's most prized possession from her trip, a wee Concorde model.

  • 047 IMG 028Bl

    Steph's Concorde Flight Certificate.

  • Concorde Menu

    The menu on board Concorde, including Bucks Fizz, Fruit Appetizer and Eggs and Bacon.

  • 035 IMG 011.2Ed

    Concorde luggage tags from Steph's trip.

  • 044 IMG 009.4Ed

    A small leather purse Steph got from Father Christmas during her visit.

  • 043 IMG 009.3Ed

    The wee pin Steph got during her visit, also from Father Christmas.

  • 046 IMG 026Bl

    The certificate showing Steph crossed the Arctic Circle.

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  • 003 IMG 015.3Ed

    Steph on board Concorde. The screen on the far left shows that the plane has hit its top speed of Mach 2 and is flying at 55,000 feet!

  • 012 IMG 017.3Ed

    Steph in the snow in Lapland with her friend.

  • 008 IMG 015.1Ed

    Steph on Father Christmas's lap.

  • 031 IMG 022.2Ed

    Steph with Father Christmas and elves, being interviewed by a representative from British Airways.

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