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Recreate your favourite museum objects and places using the LEGO you have at home!

Awesome Bricks is a LEGO event at the National Museum of Flight, created in partnership with masterbuilders Warren and Teresa Elsmore. Together we’ve come up with some suggestions to help you create your own Awesome Bricks experience at home. Design a minifigure ‘hide and seek’ trail, find out how to build a mini Concorde, or bring your favourite museum object or display to life in LEGO or DUPLO.

Museum LEGO challenge

We always enjoy seeing what our visitors create using LEGO at our Awesome Bricks event, as well as the wonderful models that are showcased on the day by superfans.

For Awesome Bricks at Home we’re setting you a challenge. Using the LEGO or DUPLO you have at home, can you recreate your favourite museum object? Or maybe one of the animals on the farm at the National Museum of Rural Life? Or even make a mini museum display of your own?

  1. Dig out your LEGO to see what pieces you’ve got. 

  2. Explore our collections or search our Stories for inspiration.

  3. Share your creations with us on social media using the hashtag #AwesomeBricks - if you've used a museum object for inspiration, you could include a photo or description of the real thing too.

  4. Check back here or on the tag to see what other people have been making. 

How to find images of museum objects

Stuck for inspiration? Find out how to search for amazing museum objects on our website.

Download object ideas

Some we made earlier

Here are a few we made earlier alongside the real objects in the museum.

African elephant on display in Animal World at National Museum of Scotland.

Yellow mantua dress in the collection at National Museums Scotland.

Dolly the sheep at the National Museum of Scotland.

LEGO model of the African elephant.

LEGO model of the yellow Mantua dress.

LEGO model of Dolly the sheep.

Museum display suggestions

Here are some wonderful ideas for museum display cases by Teresa Elsmore, one of the Awesome Bricks team.


Minifigure adventure

Can you tell a story starring a minifigure or two and bring it to life with photos, or maybe even a stop motion video like your own LEGO movie?

In our example, our brave minifigure goes on a hot air balloon adventure. Perhaps he was inspired by the Montgolfier brothers' first hot air balloon demonstration on 4 June 1783!

We'd love to see what you come up with #AwesomeBricks

Download the hot air balloon adventure
Img 3258

Minifigure hide and seek

Those minifigures are adventurous little people, and love to go exploring. Choose your favourite minifigures, get them dressed and ready for adventure with some handy accessories, then hide them in secret places around your house or garden.

Think of some clever clues to help the rest of your family find them. You could even think of a prize for the person who finds them all first – ready or not, here we come!

You can use this activity sheet to write your clues on if you’ve got a printer, or you can create your own.

Download Minifigure Hide And Seek template

Build like a LEGO masterbuilder

LEGO masterbuilder Warren Elsmore has created some incredible LEGO models in his career, including the model of the National Museum of Scotland.

Now Warren is sharing some of his building tips with you – he’s made instructions to help you build either a mini Concorde or a mini Wright flyer (the first successful powered aircraft to fly). 

At the end of each instruction sheet is a picture of all the pieces you need. Don’t worry if you don’t have them in the right colours, that just means your model will be unique!


Concorde model

Build your own version of the supersonic Concorde at the National Museum of Flight.

Instructions to build Concorde

Wright flyer

Build your own version of the 1903 Wright flyer.

Instructions to build a Wright Flyer

Detail of Grand Gallery and its recreation in the LEGO museum model.

Detail of the tiled floor by the Grand Gallery and its recreation in the LEGO museum model.

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