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Explore a range of activities suitable for pupils working at Third and Fourth Levels and Senior Phase, including the First World War, parasites, fashion, maths and numeracy.

Exploring biomedicine

Suitable for: S1-6

GEN is a strategy game where you use biomedical objects from the museum to diagnose and treat your own little digital creature. A fun way of introducing or exploring body systems, cells and diseases.

Resources needed: Designed to work on any device including tablet, mobile, or PC, requires ongoing internet connection. There is no need to login to play, but you can create an account. 

Find out more and play GEN

Awesome Bricks

Suitable for:S1-S6

Ask your pupils to recreate their favourite museum objects and places using the LEGO® or DUPLO® they have at home. Design a 'hide and seek' trail, build a mini Concorde, or build any number of amazing objects. 

Resources needed: Building blocks

Awesome Bricks at Home

Women in Maths

Maths Week Scotland have created a range of short videos, each featuring a woman for whom maths is at the core of their work. Get your pupils involved by investigating how their parents and carers use maths and share their findings with Maths Week Scotland. Read more about Rachel and see the other videos here.

First World War

Original painting by T. Curr of a Highland soldier by a cross, 1914 - 1918, used for a poster for the Scottish National War Memorial.

Suitable for: BGE/Nat 5/Higher/Advanced Higher History or English studying FWW poetry.

Discover Scottish stories from the First World War through investigating primary and secondary sources from our collections. Includes oral testimonies, letters, images, and artwork.

First World War resources

Second World War

"Washing Day", pen and ink sketch with watercolour, by Fyffe Christie, 9th Cameronians, Normandy 17 July 1944.

Suitable for: BGE/Nat 5/Higher/Advanced Higher History.

Find out more about Scotland's stories during the Second World War by exploring a range of primary and secondary sources. Includes information about rationing, evacuees, technology and POWs. For younger pupils, there are also hands-on activities such as a code breaking challenge and VE Day commemoration crafts.

Second World War resources


Suitable for: BGE Science and Senior Phase BiologyHuman Biology, or Geography pupils. 

Explore the challenges we face in fighting five of the most persistent parasites through games, films, and articles.

Parasite resources


Woman's belt for a Jean Muir green dress.

Suitable for: BGE Art & Design and Senior Phase Art & Design, Design & Technology, and Textiles/Fashion pupils.

Explore 30 objects from the world of fashion through high quality 360° images and information on topics such as design, craft skills, and the social and cultural background to each piece.

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Maths Week Scotland

Missed the Deputy First Minister’s Challenges in Maths Week? Find them at with tips on how to solve them from BBC Learning.

Also, discover maths in a range of careers with the 'Maths Week at Work' videos from The University of Edinburgh, then try a puzzle faced by these professionals every day.  

We will also be posting new ideas each week for maths activities to do at home.

Maths Week Scotland

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