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Learn how to say colours in Mandarin, explore the museum collections, in person or virtually, and create your own Chinese object card.

About the resource


Aimed at Primary 5-7 pupils learning Mandarin. 


The words of each colour are shown in English, Mandarin, and Pinyin.

Did you know?

Pinyin is an international guide for pronouncing Mandarin words.

With thanks to

Dalry Primary who helped us create this resource

Start by watching this short film to meet your dragon guide Dàhăi

Teachers/Parents/Carers - Find out more in our Teachers' notes.

Finding the objects

Using the gifs or downloads below, find out where each object is in the museum. Can you remember how to say the colour in Mandarin for each one? You can try to find them online either by:

You can also try to find them on your next visit to the National Museum of Scotland. 

While you are exploring, look out for an object you'd like to create a card (download below), short film or even a gif about!

Using the Mandarin resource backpack in the museum. Image © Ruth Armstrong

Download coin sword card

Colour: 红色 hóng sè red

Download giant panda card

Colour: 白色 bái sè white

Download fruit basket card

Colour: 蓝色 lán sè blue

Download vase card

Colour: 粉色 fěn sè pink

Download Weitou statue card

Colour: 棕色 zōng sè brown

Download table screen card

Colour: 绿色 lǜ sè green

Download rock sculpture card

Colour: 银色 yín sè silver

Download blank card

The final object is chosen by you! It could be something you find on Google Streeview, by searching our collections, or even something from your house.

Remember to make a note of its colour and practice saying that colour in Mandarin.

Using the Mandarin resource in the museum. Image © Ruth Armstrong

How to use for teachers/parents/carers

This resource is designed to be used in the classroom, at home or on a visit to the museum. 

For online use use the instructions above. 

For use at the museum, the teachers' notes below will be of particular use. They include:

  • More information about the dragon and the objects
  • Follow on activities about each object, many of which can be completed at home
  • A longer list of Mandarin and Pinyin words for popular colours
  • Additional online resources to explore


List of colours

Practice saying these colours in Mandarin.





黑色 hēi sè black
白色 bái sè white
红色 hóng sè red
蓝色 lán sè blue
粉色 fěn sè pink
棕色 zōng sè brown
绿色 lǜ sè green
银色 yín sè silver
黄色 huáng yellow
橘色 jú sè orange
紫色 zĭ sè purple
金色 jīn sè gold

Activity backpacks

When visiting the museum, classes can book to use our Mandarin activity backpacks to explore the objects in person. The backpacks contain sensory items relating to each of our seven objects featured in this resource. 

Backpack with selection of Chinese objects in front

Mandarin resource activity backpack. Image © Ruth Armstrong

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