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As part of Burns&Beyond 2021 celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns with curator Dr Calum Robertson and objects from our collection.

Pistols belonging to Robert Burns

This prized set of pistols belonged to Robert Burns. But why would the poor and struggling poet have needed such handsome weapons?

Discover more about the pistols.

Large glass goblet

A large glass goblet such as this would have been used as a punchbowl, and a clue to this use can be found amongst the words and images that have been engraved into the glass.

Discover more objects relating to Robert Burns from the collections.

The Tappit hen

The name ‘tappit hen’ is derived from the distinctive thumbpiece, or finial, that makes the object look like a crested (or 'tappit' in Scots) hen and these pewter drinking vessels were common in eighteenth century Scotland’s public houses.

Discover more objects relating to Robert Burns from the collections

The relevance of Robert Burns today

Curator of Modern and Military History, Dr Calum Robertson, explores the relevance of Robert Burns in contemporary Scottish society – and around the world.

Find out more about the life of Robert Burns

Burns&Beyond 2021

#BurnsandBeyond celebrates the life and legacy of Robert Burns through traditional and contemporary art and culture from across Scotland and Beyond...

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