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Exterior of the Concorde cockpit facing right.

The Concorde Experience

It's over 40 years since Scotland's Concorde took to the skies in the first BA Concorde fleet commercial passenger flight. Don't miss the chance to get up close to G-BOAA.

The National Museum of Flight is home to Scotland's only Concorde.
Climb aboard to discover what transatlantic flight was like for passengers and crew and learn about the legacy of this iconic aircraft.

Scotland’s Concorde

When Concorde took to the skies more than 40 years ago she epitomised a new age of scientific and technological innovation. Famously travelling faster than the speed of sound, Concorde flew from London to New York in under four hours.

Scotland’s Concorde, Golf-Bravo Oscar Alpha Alpha, was the first of her kind to go into service with British Airways, in 1976. 8,064 flights later, she came to rest at the National Museum of Flight in East Fortune after the Concorde fleet was decommissioned in 2003. You can find out more about her in our Explore section.

Family at the top of the boarding steps to Concorde.

Get on board Concorde at the National Museum of Flight. Photo © Ruth Armstrong Photography.

Visiting Concorde

Concorde is housed next to the museum shop and Aviator Café. Entry is included in museum admission.

  • Museum staff member speaks to a visitor at the foot of the steps to Concorde.

    Don't miss the chance to get up close to Scotland's Concorde.

  • Child stands in front of the open door of Concorde

    Climb on board to discover what transatlantic flight was like for passengers and crew.

  • Pillow, blanket, and amenities kit on a seat in Concorde

    See where the rich and famous would have taken their seats © Jenni Sophia Fuchs.

  • Bar cart in aisle of empty Concorde plane

    View inside the passenger cabin of Concorde © Jenni Sophia Fuchs.

  • Bathroom on board Concorde

    Investigate the supersonic bathroom facilities © Jenni Sophia Fuchs.

  • Mach meter showing speed and altitude in bright yellow letters on black

    Passenger cabin mach meter on board Concorde © Jenni Sophia Fuchs.

  • Concorde cockpit controls and dials

    Have a look inside the Concorde cockpit © Jenni Sophia Fuchs.

  • Exterior of Concorde tail

    Have a look at Concorde from different angles.

  • Concorde landing gear wheels from below

    Take a closer look at Concorde's undercarriage.

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The Concorde Experience

Before or after boarding Concorde herself, take a trip through the Concorde Experience exhibition to discover the story of supersonic flight. See Concorde in action in our film and find out about the race to break the sound barrier, the design and build of the world's first supersonic passenger aircraft and what it was like to be a traveller or crew member on board.

A mannequin seated in a plane wearing a pilot's helmet.

Above: Pilot's helmet in the Concorde exhibition.

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