Eating at the Museum

Enjoy a meal in the Balcony Café and Museum Brasserie.

Explore our range of eating options here. Brought your own food? Packed lunches can be eaten in the Group Room in the Entrance Hall, provided it has not been reserved for a group visit.

Museum Brasserie

The Museum Brasserie is open from 10:00–17:00 serving hot and cold meals, a delicious selection of home baking and ice cream from our ice cream bar. Lunch is served from 11:00–15:00.

The Brasserie can be found in the Entrance Hall, by the main entrance to the Museum. To reserve a table, call 0131 247 4040 or 0131 247 4084.

Free Wi-Fi access is available.

National Museums Scotland members receive a 20% discount in the Museum Brasserie.

Balcony Café

The Balcony Café on Level 3 is open daily from 10:00–17:00 for tea, coffee, home baking, cold snacks and hot homemade soup – and great views of the Grand Gallery! Freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and children's boxes are also available.

Free Wi-Fi access is available.

National Museums Scotland members receive a 20% discount in the Balcony Café.

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