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Scottish History and Archaeology department

Welcome to the Scottish History & Archaeology department.

We care for one of the most representative national collections of archaeological and historical artefacts anywhere in the world.

Nearly 250 years of systematic collecting has built a material record of the place we now call Scotland, placed within its wider European and global contexts.

The collections have been developed over generations through antiquarian collecting, chance finds, archaeological excavation, targeted purchases, donations of treasured family possessions and dedicated efforts to collect the contemporary.

Our team of archaeologists and material historians research, share knowledge and continue to build the Scottish collections.

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Iron Age gold torcs

The Treasure Trove Unit

The Treasure Trove Unit (TTU) is the first port of call for new archaeological discoveries and finders. It carries out investigations and object assessments, and, where appropriate, investigates findspots.

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Post-excavation analysis

Our team is a leading player in the field of post-excavation analysis of finds. We assist in the identification, analysis and reporting of artefacts recovered during archaeological excavation.

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