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Join curator Lydia Prosser for a guided virtual tour of our Kingdom of the Scots gallery at the National Museum of Scotland.

Lydia Prosser, Curator of Medieval Archaeology and History, presents a personalised tour of the Kingdom of the Scots gallery. Discover unique objects charting the development of Scotland into the nation we know today, from the early medieval period up to the union with England in 1707. Join Lydia as she focusses on collection highlights including the Monymusk the Bute Mazer and the iconic Lewis Chesspieces.


People have come up with a number of different theories about what emotions are conveyed by these pieces – were they intended to be comical or satirical? Or maybe reflect sadness at the destruction caused by warfare? Boredom, perhaps, at the amount of time the game is taking? Frenzy and excitement seems a good interpretation in some instances... What do you think?
- Lydia Prosser on the Lewis Chesspieces

Featured objects

 The eighth-century Monymusk Reliquary(H.KE 14).

The inside view of the Bute Mazer on loan from The Bute Collection at Mount Stuart (IL.2001.182.1.1)

Wooden plate with the Douglas heart motif from Threave Castle, Kirkcudbrightshire (H.HXA 173).

Part of a stone mould for casting pilgrim's badges found in the old churchyard of St Andrew's, North Berwick (H.BG 237).

The Lewis chess pieces at the National Museum of Scotland (H. NS 19-29).

A warder Lewis chess piece (H.NS 29).

Silver gilt reliquary in the form of a locket from Threave Castle (H.KE 3)

Silver locket from Threave Castle (H.HXA 48).

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Explore the National Museum of Scotland at your own pace with Google StreetView, including the iconic Grand Gallery and Kingdom of the Scots.

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In addition to making our galleries accessible for everyone to explore online, over 1,000 objects from the national collection have been added to our pages on Google Arts & Culture

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