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Emma Woffenden is one of the UK’s most innovative glass artists.

Glass continues to challenge me, I find it exciting conceptually, and the processes and potential to develop technique and style seems endless. I still find myself thinking I would like to learn this or that glass technique or return to one. Glass is now one of a group of components that come together to form my practice, but it’s often the most unusual or seductive one.
- Emma Woffenden

Above: Emma Woffenden © Angela Moore

Emma employs a wide range of glass and mixed media techniques to create her ambiguous, androgynous forms. Her sculptures explore the invisible conditions of human existence such as sensation, feeling and awareness.

She uses aspects of the body as both form and metaphor.  The outline may be familiar, however, the figures seem to be engaged in unfamiliar rituals, comic violence, or often absurd and slapstick acts.

Above: Emma Woffenden with her work at the RONA factory in Slovakia © Maria Bang Espersen

Emma's latest work for the Art of Glass exhibition, Mummy Woodentop, reflects on the artist's own childhood memories of children's television, the ideals of motherhood being tied up with the figure of Madonna, and the idea of self-expression through adornment.

Mummy Woodentop, 2018 by Emma Woffenden

Mould blown glass, moulded acrylic gypsum fibre glass

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