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Geoffrey Mann’s creative practice stretches the limits of his chosen medium.

Glass is otherworldly. As a material glass embodies the materiality of time through its own state as an amorphous solid; a living material caught in a state of momentary pause.
- Geoffrey Mann

Geoff embraces new technologies in the creative design process and production of his work. Mann was one of the first glass artists in the UK to introduce digital technology into his practice.

Above: Experimental 3D printed bottles for the Leith Pattern.

Inspired by his fascination with transposing the fleeting nature of time and motion, he creates pieces that challenge the existing divides between art, craft and design. 

Above: Geoffrey Mann with some of his pieces during his portrait session for Art of Glass exhibition.

The Leith Pattern explores the urban myth that the standard wine bottle was originally designed and produced by Leith Glassworks in Edinburgh. 

Above: Geoffrey Mann viewing The Leith Pattern, 2018 © Neil Hanna

Mann interviewed a resident of Leith, to create the bottle which resonates with her memories of the past.  

Find out more about the work of Geoffrey Mann here

The Leith Pattern, 2018

Cast glass and HD animation

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