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Glass artist Griet Beyaert’s practice sees her collaborating with artists working in different disciplines to create works that are a fusion of glass-making and digital technology. In 2014 Beyaert started working with the digital artist, Paul Miller.

Glass is such a versatile and exciting material; you can really find your own language in it. I enjoy the element of heat in the process, which occasionally leaves you with unexpected results that sometimes open a whole new area to explore.
- Griet Beyaert

Above: Griet Beyaert and Paul Miller © Tom Joy, Nov 2016, Leeds

Known collectively as The Glass Cyphers, Beyaert and Miller use glass sculpture, sound and projection mapping to produce their immersive installations.

The process involves collecting sound and video from a chosen location, which is then digitally processed and composed to create soundscapes and projections onto Beyaert’s diaphanous glass sculptures.

The result is an innovative, thought-provoking interpretation on how we experience spaces and our place within them.

Above: Alice Wylie of National Museums Scotland viewing The Glass Cyphers, 2018 © Neil Hanna

View The Glass Cyphers as they appear in the #ArtofGlassExhibition.

Find out more here about the work of Griet Beyaert & Paul Miller

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