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Internationally recognised for her innovative cast glass sculptures, Heike Brachlow’s artistic practice reflects her attraction to movement and transformation, both in colour and form.

I was, and still am, attracted to the quality of colour that is possible in glass. Because of its transparency, glass transforms depending on the light conditions. For me, it’s all about the interaction of colour, light and form
- Heike Brachlow

Above: Heike Brachlow in her studio, London with a plaster mould and wax form © Roger Lee 

Above: Implication 2017, by Heike Brachlow © Esther Segarra

Colour is a hugely important part of her work, so much so that she has devised a method that allows her to create her own colour palette.

By adding metal oxides to the glass batch during the melting process, she created new subtle tones and polychromatic colours; these are colours that change in different types of light. Brachlow’s latest work focuses on her explorations into the subtleties of the colour grey.

Implication 2017, by Heike Brachlow

Cast glass

Image © Esther Segarra

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