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At the heart of Helen Maurer’s work is the ability to create illusion through elements and objects.

I am interested in temporary things and work that has a changing element, and for me glass speaks that language and has an ability to make me feel something. By passing light through glass it is possible to create an image that isn't really there, or a different perspective on the piece and that gives me ideas.
- Helen Maurer

Above: Helen Maurer in her studio © Sebastian Sharples

She transforms the smallest of elements into much larger installations, through the play of light which is demonstrated in her work Alter.  

Traditionally trained in stained glass, Maurer uses the principles of this classic form of glass art to create her installations, which often reference the architecture or histories of an environment.

Above: Helen Maurer in her studio © Sebastian Sharples

Constructed of both 2 and 3 dimensional elements, she combines the interplay of glass, light, projection and sound to create work that plays with our perception of space and scale. 

Alter, 2017 by Helen Maurer

Glass and halogen spot light

Find out more here about the work of Helen Maurer.

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