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Known for exploring cultural identity and the graphic image in glass, Jeffrey Sarmiento’s creative practice is based on the research he undertakes to combine concepts with process.

I like to think of glass as a literal lens with optical qualities, as well as a metaphorical lens into culture. Glass is an exciting, frustrating and wonderful material to work with... My ongoing work with the material helps me to expose complex narratives and create new ways of seeing.
- Jeffrey Sarmiento

Above: Jeffrey Sarmiento in his studio © Colin Davidson

At the heart of his work is the exploration of culture from the perspective of a perpetual foreigner. He uses words, images, artefacts, and the urban environment to look deeper into and uncover hidden narratives about places and how the sense of a place is constructed. 

Above: Work in progress for Rubber Factory in Jeffrey Sarmiento's studio © Colin Davidson

Rubber Factory is from his ongoing series depicting the overlooked architecture within our industrial landscapes.

Rubber Factory, 2018 by Jeffrey Sarmiento

Waterjet cut and fused glass

Find out more here about the work of Jeffrey Sarmiento.

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