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Karlyn Sutherland is known for her evocative sculptures, fused wall pieces and site-specific installations that explore light and shadow.

The qualities and characteristics of glass allow me to explore and express ideas and experiences of architectural atmosphere, space and light in a way that no other material can quite achieve or permit.
- Karlyn Sutherland

Above: Karlyn Sutherland standing in front of Lybster Harbour, Caithness. 

Whilst undertaking a PhD in Architecture, her research into the emotional power of place led her home to Caithness. Here, she was drawn to the idea of working in glass after enrolling on a master class at North Lands Creative in Lybster.  

Above: Karlyn Sutherland working on her piece in the studio at Northlands Creative, Lybster.

Harbour Road, Lybster (4) is from a new and experimental body of work exploring ethereal shades of light captured within abstract perspective forms that explore a physically unattainable viewpoint and a sense of disconnection from place. 

Harbour Road, Lybster (4), 2018 by Karlyn Sutherland

Fused glass

Find out more here about the work of Karlyn Sutherland.

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