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Matt Durran’s practice is inspired by his research into areas such as innovation and design, medical technology, digital craft and renewable energy and is revealed through large-scale installations and sculptural pieces.

Working with glass is like alchemy, a seemingly magical process of transformation. Although glass making has a long history, it is still a relatively new material when you consider its use in the arts and I continue to be fully excited about the potential it has now and for the future.
- Matt Durran

Above: Matt Durran © Rod Morris

Always looking to push boundaries within his art, he embraces new technology and experimentation to create new methods of production.

His latest body of work - Seeing The Unseen investigates the construction and imagery of nano glass. Developed for industry, nano glass’s microstructural design and strength is used in a variety of areas,  from the coating on lenses to medical applications.

Seeing The Unseen, 2018 by Matt Durran

Glass, photogram, mixed media

Find out more here about the work of Matt Durran.

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